April 2016 - Anthony C. //"Ready to Tango"

Anthony C.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST
Rally Red

Rally Innovations
- Light PLate
- Rear Hatch Wing
Team O'Niel Rally Suspension
Broken Motorsports: Roll Cage, Skid Plate
Team Dynamics Rally Wheels
Panda Motorsports: Custom Tune, Custom Cowl Intake

About Anthony:

Anthony was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1986. Racing has always been a part of his family. His mother's side of the family has been involved in Rally racing for many years in their home country of Ecuador - South America. From a very early age Anthony was introduced into racing by family and friends. Attending rallies, being part of the service crew and riding along with team members awoke the racing bug in him.
Never losing sight of pursuing a career in motorsports he was highly active in SCCA Autocross and Time Attack type events. He played soccer for Penn State University and later received a degree in Finance. Since then he has become a top National and Regional competitor in Rally America, competing in events in the two-wheel drive class (Group 2/5) around the country all while representing Philadelphia. This class is very competitive and it houses some of the closest competition in the series.
He has participated in various Stage Rally and Rallycross events with podium finishes in both.
Team: Tuning Velocity Motorsports
Driver: Anthony Concha
Co-Driver: Mark Tisdel / Jack Swayze