Light Package Information

Light Package Information

Rally Innovations provides light packages when ordering our Rally Light Bars and Light Plates, saving you more money. You will see the light package options on the drop down menus as you browse through our light bar and light plate applications.

We offer three of the top auxiliary light manufacturers that have proven their quality through motorsport racing. Other auxiliary light products similar in sizing and mounting style may or may not fit our light bars. Contact us for fitment questions.

Baja Designs Information

Our highly recommended choice that offers the highest quality build and excellent light output. They have amazing light output and are at the light temperature best suited for human eyes to prevent fatigue - in other words, your eyes will thank you. They are all LED powered with highly engineered electrical control systems, and built to withstand the harshest conditions, whether its through the hot and dry desert or cold winter storms. We offer a range of sizes, light patterns, and light output for your needs. You can't go wrong with any of them and these will truly outlast your car. Parts are also customizeable and replaceable by the user, so you can switch out lens patterns or replace scratched lens!

PIAA Light Information

Another great choice of lights that uses halogen bulbs. PIAA has developed technology that brings out the best of halogen bulbs. We offer models that vary in size and light outputs.

Hella Light Information

When looking for the classic look, these halogen powered lamps (The 500 series model) have the standard light output, and are priced for a budget-friendly build.