Below are some of the many people and companies we have had the opportunity to work with, and who have supported Rally Innovations and our Racing Team. When available, links to their sites are provided where you can find more information about them.

  Baja Designs is a leader in developing high-end aftermarket lighting systems and other adventure products for the off road industry. Baja Designs has generously provided lighting for Rally Innovations Team Vehicles; and Rally Innovations is pleased to offer special packages with Baja Designs products.

Cobb is a renowned tuner that supports many turbocharged platforms from Ford, Subaru, and Mitsubishi. We have partnered up with Cobb to give our project vehicles the extra kick they deserve.

  The Racing & High Performance Division of CSF Inc. strives to build and engineer the most advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems in the world. Rally Innovations has track-tested numerous radiator applications for CSF and has proven their durability and performance in our EVO X & Impreza. Rally Innovations is proud to be an authorized distributor for their high performance sport compact line.
Cusco is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in aftermarket seats, engine accessories, and suspension, chassis, and differential tuning. Our Gundam Focus was given a pair of Cusco Euroster seats to give occupants shoulder bolstering while retaining every day entry and exit.
  Eibach makes the finest performance springs in the world. Period. When other springs sag, wear out, or create sketchy handling or a bone-crushing ride, top street tuners-like top race teams, from F1 to WRC, from Le Mans to NASCAR-inevitably turn to Eibach.  Rally Innovations has not only used Eibach's world renowned springs and sway bar kits on every vehicle we build, but has helped Eibach with the development of their R2 coilover kit for the EVO X as well as project builds for their SEMA vehicles.
Fifteen52 is a leading brand of automotive lifestyle. Their wheel line has been a hard hitter in the Ford community with Ken Block at the helm. Rally Innovations has partnered with Fifteen52 to give their project vehicles the bold gymkhana look.
GReddy is a large name in the tuner community, known for their Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) tuner parts and accessories. The Gundam Focus paved the way for GReddy to get their hands on the domestic market with an assortment of performance parts.
  K&N Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since.  With the need of a high performance intake system, we had turned to K&N and had them prototype and develop their Typhoon kit for our 2013 Ford Focus ST.  K&N has also been an avid media partner with Rally Innovations.
  Magnaflow - MagnaFlow produces the best sounding, best performing and most durable exhaust components in the world.  MagnaFlow is also well-known for creating the best custom exhaust systems for famous celebrities and top car builders.  So when Rally Innovations had to get their custom exhaust design done for their 2012 SEMA Focus ST, Magnaflow was the answer! 

Nitto Tire has been a long-time supporter of a variety of motorsports. With many drag, drift, and off-road championships to their name, Rally Innovations proudly rolls on Nitto winning rubber.


R1 Concepts has been in operation for over 10 years offering brake systems from pads to calipers, to big brake kits. Featured on the Gundam Focus are custom CNC rotors - an R1 Concepts special service.
  Family owned and operated since 1969, Roadwire is a company that manufactures OEM-styled leather-trimmed interiors and patented technology designed to enhance comfort and safety for the next generation of automobiles.  Roadwire has supplied Rally Innovations all of the stunning interior leather packages for all of our SEMA vehicles since 2008.
  Team Dynamics wheels have been used in Rallying all over Europe, with specific tarmac and gravel designs. In touring cars they have been used in the British, French and European Championships with PCD and centre lock applications, and have now been selected as the sole supplier to the British Touring Car Championship for 2004/5/6.  With the successful 3-time stage rally 1st place victories in 2008-2010 with the Rally Innovations 2000 Impreza to the award winning, show stopping tarmac wheels on our 2013 Focus ST, Team Dynamics continues to fit our form & function needs.
  Whiteline boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components that deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels and outright driving performance.  To keep our 2013 Focus ST power to the pavement, we chosen Whiteline to answer our performance needs.
  Imports@UCI, established in 2003, was created to provide an interactive hub for local enthusiasts and link them to industry professionals. From weekly meets to sponsor tours to its Annual Car Show, Imports@UCI ensures its members are thoroughly exposed to the automotive world. Rally Innovations provides opportunities for members to gain experience in areas such as product and graphic design, event planning, project proposals, and car builds for shows like SEMA. Imports@UCI members who have worked with Rally Innovations proudly display their work and share their experiences at club events.
  Drive @ UCR is student organization dedicated to spreading the rich automotive culture of Southern California through meets, get-togethers, shows, and seminars. Rally Innovations participates in Drive @ UCR's annual car shows and in return, Drive @ UCR members have graciously volunteered their time to support Rally Innovations events, such as the RallyCross Challenge in the Summer of 2013.
  Mabel Paine Elementary School is one of many award-winning institutions in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District of California. The school is known to provide a welcoming environment and high quality education to our students in partnership with strong parent support. They are a small, close-knit learning environment where the needs of our students are given the highest priority. Rally Innovations is proud to be part of Mabel Paine's "I AM A GAME CHANGER" heritage as we continue to reach out to the students, faculty and families and share the positive and supportive influence our Rally community has to offer.
OEM Relations
  With the new performance sport compact platform - the 2013 Focus ST - released in 2012, Rally Innovations was given the opportunity to build a project vehicle for the Ford/SEMA Aftermarket Group to debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV in 2012.  Our theme was to build a tribute vehicle for our company's inspiration to rally, Colin McRae.  The livery was developed by working with Ford's design studio to be a recreation if Colin McRae championship continued with Ford over a decade later.  With the generous support from all of our sponsors and built by the students of UC Irvine and UC Riverside, this tribute vehicle continues to inspire and spread the Spirit of Rally.
  When the EVO X was released in 2008, the automotive aftermarket had already been position itself to make products for Mitsubishis' long awaited redesign of its halo vehicle.  Like all others, Rally Innovations had purchased one of the first lot arrivals in the U.S. to start developing rally inspired products.   Our company's first involvement with corporate Mitsubishi (North America) was as a vendor displaying at their annual MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) event in 2008.  Our company's involvement with Mitsubishi further strengthened as we had bridged the gap between Eibach and corporate Mitsubishi with the development and marketing of the EVO X with Eibach's R2 coil over suspension.  Rally Innovations continues to bridge the gap with other aftermarket companies to corporate Mitsubishi and with Pentech Automotive, has become an official supplier to Mitsubishi producing fixtures and templates for their accessories to their North American ports.
  Rally Innovations has always been a strong supporter of the Subaru community.  Since our first Rally Light Bar design fitted on our 2000 Impreza 2.5 RS, production for and design for the 02-03 WRX had made way.  Little did we know that the popularity of our light bars would grow and flourish with the Subaru community.  With the continuous front end design changes every 2-3 years and other platforms such as the Forester and Outback, we had found our niche with the loyalty of the Subaru owners.   Designed with OE fitment and quality in mind, we strive to excel with our customer service to grow our brands' reputation within the Subaru & Rally communities.
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