April 2019 – Geo C. // “Miss Thang”

Hey Guys! My name is Geo and this is “Michelle” my 2015 Ford Mustang Mach 2.3 Eco Boost. Previously owned by Rally Innovations, I have been eyeing her since the day they had built it. So the torch has been passed on now and I love driving Michelle! I enjoy driving down Pacific Coast Highway alongside the coast line. I've had a passion for Mustangs for as long I can remember from growing up seeing them in the street towards now being the front seat!  My previous Mustang, Lucy, was a red 2012 V6 which I had given to my father as he very much appreciates Mustangs as well.

I recently got into car shows and man I can't express how amazing it is to see people with the same passion as myself. Driving my mustang is like an adventure each time I'm behind the wheel.

I am a PC gamer who also dabbles in e-sports, not only that but my love for technology has rooted an interest in computer building. When I'm not busy with the electronic side of things I also love going to anime and gaming conventions.