April 2020 - Peter D. // "Art In Motion"


My name is Peter and I'm an automotive design student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I ended up buying a hatchback out of necessity, to help with my move from CA to Michigan, and I was so lucky to find Rally Innovations down in Anaheim. I am the proud owner of the 2015 Gundam Focus ST from that year's SEMA show. I purchased the car in February of 2018, took it on many drives and rallies in the California mountains, and in August drove it nearly 3,000 miles to the Grand Canyon, then across the country. It has now become my track day car, daily commuter, and winter rally car. Other than preserving the ST as its original build my notable contributions to the vehicle are a matte gray wrap and a tune from COBB. The design elements added to the car are amazing, giving it presence, stance, and a very aggressive demeanor. A real head-turner at any Cars n Coffee. The after-market mechanical components make for a buttoned-down driving experience; from the track to mountain back roads, it's really an all-inclusive machine. I'm grateful to Rally Innovations for the help and support over the years and for transforming a fun, convenient hatchback into a vehicle that allows me to experience all different facets of automotive life in Michigan.