April 2021 - Eric X. // BigBlueGT

I am Eric from South Florida and this is BigBlueGT, my Roush Supercharged 2017 Mustang GT. I bought her as a 401A equipped premium performance pack model with the additional factory upgrades, spoiler delete, and unique styled black wheels. The beautiful Lightning Blue Metallic paint paired with the gloss black performance pack wheels look amazing together and is what inspired me to continue that color combination throughout my build. Over the years I have added more black accents, like custom racing and rally stripes; black badging, heat extractors and side mirrors; dark window tint; custom fuel door; and a subtle, but unique black MMD spoiler. I have solidified the blue and black aesthetic. I upgraded all of the factory lighting to LEDs including clear euro style taillights from Winjet and a pair of super bright fog lights from Rally Innovations.

My favorite modification to date is the Roush Phase 1 R2300 2.3L TVS supercharger pumping out 670 Horsepower and 545 ft-lbs. of torque. I have my eyes on the phase 2 upgrade coming later this year. I have added the Mishimoto muffler delete with black 4.5” tips and Magnaflow Tru-X resonated X-pipe exhaust components as well as many suspension and shifter upgrades from Steeda to create a well handling street performance vehicle that looks great and has the power and sound to back up its appearance. As an IT professional by trade with hobbies including auto mechanics, photography, electronics, and creating custom vinyl designs, this car has become the culmination of all my interests and has been a welcome outlet during this ongoing pandemic.