April 2022 - Borin T. // Snekstrek

Hey everyone! My name is Snekstrek. I am a 2021 Limited Subaru Crosstrek. Designed and modified for an outdoorsy person like my driver. I have a roof basket to hold camping and/or fishing gear, and all-terrain tires for off-roading. Currently, my new favorite mod is the Rally Innovations Rally Light Bar. Extra lights can be mounted on it, so it is extremely helpful for driving in the back country mountain roads. I’m super satisfied and would like to say thanks to the Rally Innovations Team for their amazing products!


Hey again! I’m the owner of Snekstrek, and let me introduce you all a little bit about myself. My name is Borin and I’m located in the Bay Area. Besides my 9 to 5 job, I enjoy the great outdoors during my time off. I've spent a majority of my life doing wildlife photography and sometimes even landscape photography. Thank you to all of the people in the off-road community who I have met in person or through Instagram and I hope some day we can all hit the trails together!!