August 2021 - Cullen J. // Blue Angel

Hello, my name is Cullen Jackson and I am the proud owner of a 2016 Ford Focus ST. My love of cars goes back for as long as I can remember. Even though it can be hard work, I enjoy the creativity that goes into modifying and building a car. My favorite part of the process is stepping back to see the masterpiece I have created and being able to say “I did that.”

The inspiration for the design of my ST came from my father being in the Navy and taking me to the air shows as a kid. I loved how each plane was different from the next, which has inspired me to build my ST differently from others. Big thank you to @fortunewraps for helping make my design come to life.

Other modifications on my Focus ST include an upgraded down pipe, intercooler, and coil pack, Ford Performance Tune, a catback exhaust, Drag wheels, and the full Rally Innovations Aero Package, with more modifications to come in the near future. I have been a proud member of DFW ST/RS for about 4 years now so if you ever see me "FLY" by, don’t forget to wave!