August 2023 - Brandon P. // The Adventures of DYPRBUT

Hi there, Brandon here! There has been a lot of controversy around the most recent generation WRX, AKA the VB chassis with many comparing the styling to other manufacturer’s vehicle designs, deciding that the plastic fender cladding looks cheap, and even describing the rear bumper as a loaded diaper. I, however, fell in love with the design and possibilities of this platform the moment I saw the Subaru teaser pics. I put my pre-order in, and was one of the first people in the US to take delivery. I knew immediately this was going to be my first ever build for rallycross.

I contacted several companies to partner up to help quickly bring new products to market for this new generation of Subaru’s rally beast and was fortunate to work with companies such as Perrin for various shifting improvements, Eibach for a 1.5” spring lift, Magnaflow for a catback exhaust, and AEM with their new air intake.

I have to say one of the best to work with was Rally Innovations while participating in the R&D in their latest Rally Light Bar. They are a company with deep roots in the rally and rallycross communities, and lead the way in solutions for a variety of rally, safari, and off-road applications. The quality of their “designed and made in the USA” parts is top notch, and any time I’m at a rallycross event there is no shortage of people rocking their products and stickers.

My wife and I are currently running this WRX in the California Rally Series 2023 rallycross season, hosted by Rodnoc Racing.