December 2019 - John P. // "Rally Inspiration"

A car enthusiast since birth, my first introduction to speed was with my father’s 71 Ford Mach 1 and 61 Corvette. Those memories would stay in my head up until I got my first car that I could call my own, Tanya, my 91 CRX Si. She was not a V8 like my father’s collection, but there was something about a turbo 4 cylinder, light weight that got me hooked on Sport Compacts. The 1/4 mile drags had evolved into Rally, and my Focus ST had become my new ironman suit. The creation of the ST was inspired by my turbo CRX and Colin McRae’s Focus Rally car. Out of the numerous SEMA builds I’ve been involved in, this ST - with the full Rally Innovations treatment - has been the most memorable builds and favorite cars I’ve owned. Being a father, husband & business owner, I am blessed to have such a supportive family and crew who share my passion for cars, product development & design and who continue to inspire me.     Rally On!!!