December 2020 - Alex S. // Quiet Storm


Hey all. My name is Alex from Los Angeles and this is my 2016 Focus RS in Frozen White. I currently work as a product engineer in north Orange County but was working in south Orange County for 4 years previously. I love to cook, watch some hockey, binge TV shows and movies, and hang out with my foster cats from Stray Cat Alliance. I’m also in an amateur Australian Rules Football Club (OC Giants) in which I’ve traveled to San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside on an almost bi-weekly basis for 6 months out of each year. That, along with a few trips to Vegas, San Francisco, and Big Bear, I’ll be hitting the 100,000 mile mark next month. This car has been an absolute joy ever since I picked it up 3 hours after it arrived at the dealership. Seeing as my goal was to make this car bring me as much joy as it can for as long as it possibly can, I haven’t done much in terms of performance except for some coilovers from RS-R and a black cat-back exhaust from MBRP if you consider that one. Otherwise, I’m all about the aesthetics and the vibe. With the glossed roof, side decals, tint, rims, and rain deflectors, the car definitely has a uniqueness to it. On top of that, the pieces I have from Rally Innovations (3-Piece Front Splitter, Side Splitters, Rear Splitters, and Rear Diffuser) really make this thing look “sharp”. Throw me a wave or a nod if you see me. Cheers!