February 2022 - Gayle T. // Wanderlust Fozzy

Oh heyy!!! My name is Gayle, aka Norwegiangrl21. I’m a hairdresser during the week and during my time off I’m out hitting the trails trying to get away from cell service. My rig is a black 2018 Subaru Forester SJ. Never did I ever think I would have added all the mods and spent the time and sweat into my Foz as much as I have. I’ve always loved the way the Rally Light Bar and added lights look on rigs. Being able to have the ability to rep the Rally Light Bar on my front bumper adds to the style.

I love anything outdoors, i grew up camping and fishing. So to have a rig that I’m able to drive off the grid makes it so much better. Since moving to AZ from WA, I’ve gotten way more into the car scene and have made some amazing friends and connections. The off-road community is such a positive in my life, being around people who enjoy being outdoors. I’m a person of simplicity, I enjoy good foodies and sipping craft beers.