January 2023 - Kevin K. // WRXWAGON

Hi, my name is Kevin Kindt and I'm the proud owner of this 04 WRX Wagon. I live in the Netherlands where mountains are far and few between, but I love to go looking for gravel and dirt roads in nearby forests. Getting outdoors and exploring by car and on foot are a way for my wife and I to escape the daily hustle and bustle of the city. In just a couple of weeks we are finally going on a road trip again! With unlimited Autobahn runs, winding Swiss mountain passes and Italian dirt roads awaiting it's going to be epic!

When this WRX wagon popped up almost 3 years ago I had to jump on it. I have had a weakness for wagons ever since the first car I rode in was a '88 Lancer Wagon from my parents. After some much needed maintenance I first changed the touch points: 02 STI seats, 06 steering wheel and a STI shift knob. Next up was suspension with strut bars, swaybars, endlinks and ALK from Whiteline.

Visually, I changed the front end out for a STI version meaning different scoop, fenders, and front bumper. Wheels and tires currently are Sparco Terras on Falken 510's. Finally, Scoobysport fit their up and downpipe in combination with a tune, giving the car a bit more punch with a focus on response and reliability. To finish it off, a small rear lift from ADF, Rally Armor mudflaps and of course a Rally Innovations Skid Guard! I see the current setup as an updated version of the Gravel Express of the 90's.

IG: wrxwagon