July 2019 - Clayton S. // "Beyond Basic BRZ"

My name is Clayton Stothers and this is my 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited in WR Blue Pearl. The BRZ is by far the best handling, most fun car I have owned and it is even better thanks to my KW coilovers, Rally Innovations 3-piece front splitter, side splitter, and rear splitter. My original motorsport passion was linked to rally so I love the rally-inspired look that my car has at the moment.
I have been into cars since a young age and even somehow convinced my parents to let me buy a beat up 1967 Mustang coupe as my first car when I turned 15. I spent countless hours restoring that car for the moment that I could drive it when I turned 16. Ever since then I have loved cars, making it both my passion and profession for the last 15 years. I worked at Rally Innovations right out of college before moving to the aftermarket division at Cosworth and then eventually to JE Pistons where I work as an Engineer now.