June 2020 - Jason F. // "Rally OD"


I am Jason Flores, a practicing Optometrist in Southern California, and I have been an import car enthusiast since the early 90's. I first fell in love with the 2.5 RS when I had the chance to drive the car as a press vehicle while working at Import Beat newspaper-- the only newspaper to cover the import car scene. The symmetrical all-wheel drive was like nothing else on the market, and the build quality was exceptional for its time. Even in its stock form, the car felt solidly connected, agile and responsive. With that one experience, I was sold on the Subaru brand. In 2004, I bought the very same model that I test drove years before, with only 18,000 miles on it. Today, 16 years later, the car has 358,000 miles and it still continues to make me feel young. I've enjoyed everything from spirited weekend driving to rally cross to autocross with the car. But most importantly, I have been able to pass my passion for cars and Subarus to my son, as we spent time together maintaining the car over the years. I can’t imagine life without my “Jasmine” as I have named her. She has been a key part in Rally Innovations’ start up and history.  She was the first GC to sport the Skid Guard and was monumental in RI’s early marketing years as well as the test car many prototypes over the years.  She has also been a happy twin sister to “Jackie” – Rally Innovations GC Rally Car.  Being a Subaru enthusiast family, we have added a 2013 Impreza Hatch for my wife to enjoy, and our most recent addition - the Rally Innovations’ 2019 Crosstrek. We hope to continue our family Subaru adventures as we head off road spending time to explore the roads less travelled.