March 2019 - Kyler S. // "Dire Wolf"

I'm Kyler S. and this is Ghost, my 2017 Subaru STi.
I named it after the King of the North's epic dire wolf... Ghost.  Aggressive, powerful, intimidating, trustworthy and loyal companion.
I am no stranger to Subaru's.  I have owned plenty of them over the last 13 years, one for every occasion: a 2005 rally STi, 2006 track STi, an 99 lifted off-raod Forester, a Crosstrek commuter, the 2003 budget Legacy, and of course the 2017 ultimate luxury-rally STi.
Ghost has the Rally Innovations package.  Full areo kit, light plate, light conversion, and 6 Baja Designs squadron lights.  This is the ultimate car for every occasion!!!