March 2022 - Rally Innovations // Subar-Ute

When a good friend of ours was looking to get rid of a tired, old Subaru - more specifically, a Silverthorn Metallic 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, we saw an opportunity of a lifetime. Rally Innovations and the GC-chassis have a long history, as the 2.5RS was the very car that kicked off our company nearly two decades ago.

The RS was rough around the edges, but with 300,000 miles on the odometer, the mechanical bits ran fine. Our vision was to build an off-roading Ute-style vehicle, and that's what we set out to build. With our in-house fabrication team, we chopped the top and built a custom 6-point roll cage with an integrated spare tire carrier. And with a fresh coat of paint in OEM Subaru Quartz Blue Metallic, we were ready to get the mods installed.

Our friends over at Subtle Solutions, Whiteline, Falken Tires, Front Runner, and Baja Designs helped us get the look we were after. We matched Forester shocks with Subtle Solutions Trailing Arm Spacers and Whiteline Camber Bolts to give the Ute a couple inches of lift; ready for some dirt. Falken Wildpeak AT Trail Tires wrapped around Gear Off-Road Pangea Wheels and a Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack completed the rugged off-road appearance.

Helping to light up the road are Baja Designs XL-Rs mounted to our Ultimate Light Bar and in place of the stock fog lights. And with a couple more accessories to the roll cage, we are ready to get adventuring!

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