May 2021 - Joshua M. // BlueJaye

My name is Joshua, aka Jaye amongst the Subaru community. I work as a nurse in a dialysis clinic for patients with kidney failure. My choice of rig is a 2019 Subaru Forester Sport in the color Dark Blue Pearl which is unique only to the Sport trim level. I have been a long-time fan of Foresters since I saw a 2nd gen SG turbo back in my tuner days. I then started seeing Foresters can also be built for off-road use and was instantly sold on building a Forester for off-road trail driving and camping activities. My build aesthetic is to combine rally and overland into a rugged trail build.

My other hobbies include cycling on either my road or fixed gear bikes, however looking into getting a gravel bike to use on dirt roads and possibly bring along for camping trips as well. Photography is also a favorite hobby of mine and I shoot on a Canon 80D. I enjoy automotive and landscape photography as my primary choice of subjects. With my Subaru Forester I find it easy to be able to incorporate my hobbies of cycling and photography as I’m able to bring my bikes and camera to new places to explore and capture the moments.