May 2022 - Walter A. // Shorty

Hello everyone! My name is Walter, and this is my rig Shorty, named after my late dog. As a Veteran (US Marine Corps), the outdoors have always been a part of me. I have found ultra running as a way to get out and explore new places.

My rig is a 2021 Bronco Sport and this is my first off-road vehicle. Having a 1968 Mustang that I restored myself and having owned a Ford Fusion previously, I am loyal to the Ford brand. We haven't seen too many trails due to work schedules, but the times we have made it out, Shorty hasn't disappointed. As an ultra runner, Shorty has worked great as an aid station just to re-fuel and get back to running. I know my wife wanted a Jeep, but she has come around to loving the Bronco Sport and I am definitely looking forward to the adventures ahead of us.

The modifications that I have made to Shorty are a Rally Innovations Rally Light Bar with Baja Designs Squadrons and Skid Guard. An awning, storage box, and traction boards sit atop a Rhino Rack mounted to the factory roof rails. I also swapped out the factory wheels for some steelies to give him a more old school look along with beefier all-terrain tires. Inside, I have a drawer system that I built and I'm also working on a side ladder that will attach to the Rhino Rack. Keep an eye out for more to come!

Semper Fi