May 2024 - Bri M. // Tank the VB

Hi there! I’m Bri and this is my best friend Tank. He gets me everywhere I need to go and that has been my biggest inspiration for this build. As someone who travels often, I needed my daily driven car to be able to withstand muddy rugged trails and have enough space to carry all my

Once I installed my Rally Innovations Rally Bar, I knew instantly the vision I had for Tank. He was going to be ready for rally and off-roading in any climate or terrain. I wanted more storage so I went ahead and installed the Thule Roof Rack with their Thule Roof Box.

My last trip to Colorado, I only had my Rally Bar installed without the Baja Designs Lights. After driving in the pitch dark, I immediately regretted not installing them beforehand. Since installing my Baja Designs Lights, there isn’t a day I don’t use them. I also think that the yellow lights truly compliment the Rally Bar and the VB’s Crystal Black Silica paint.

I currently adventure within the Midwest like Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. I am also in Colorado frequently. My hobbies include gaming, coding, reading, writing, baking, cooking, hiking and spending time in nature. My inspiration for Tank has come from living in a rural area and going off-roading in my free time. Once I can fully accomplish my vision for this build, Tank will be unstoppable in any climate and terrain.