My name is Jonathan Garcia & I love driving my 2016 Focus ST when I'm not either working, out taking pictures, playing soccer or in front of my computer monitor playing Overwatch.

Sombra the ST loves showing off the Rally Innovations Hatch Wing & 3-Piece Front Splitter, especially when getting together with my other two buddies who also have STs of their own.

As far as performance mods go my ST is currently running an FSwerks 93 Octane stage 1 Tune with an MBRP catback Exhaust, Hi-flo filter & Big Mouth Ram Intake, I've had the ST for less than a year but I'm loving everything about it and looking forward to modding her even more in the coming months, I plan to be Stage 3 before the end of summer.

I think this is the car for me & can't see my self without it since it provides both Function & Performance in daily driving.