November 2020 - Chase M. // "Home Brew"


I'm Chase, former RI rally team crew member and Subaru Specialist for Rally Innovations. I happened to meet John by chance as we were neighbors and I forgot my interior lights on one day when he stopped by to let me know. Shortly after that, I was deep into the world of Subarus and helping John grow his company. I got to hone my photography skills while out with the team at rallies in the Southwest and was able to have awesome opportunities within the industry and meet a lot of great people. My 2.5i hawkeye was fully decked out with suspension mods and handled like it was on rails but the standout modification that got the most attention were the Hella 500's mounted to the RI light bar. The car also served as a test bed for fitment and measurement of newly developed products for the 06-07 GD Impreza. Currently in the Craft Beer industry as my career I fondly look back at my time in the world of cars and miss it greatly!  Although I have moved on and away, John and I have remained great friends and still talk about the early years of Rally Innovations.  And as I would always say.... Rally On!!!