October 2021 - Brittney M. // Ryker

Hi, I'm Brittney McLean. My love of cars goes back to growing up with my Granddad and Uncle who own classic cars. My uncle was an autobody teacher and has won many awards on classics he has built from the ground up, including 2 GTO's, a Trans Am, an El Camino and other various vehicles from 50s through the 70s that he still maintains in Colorado.

I spent my summers as a kid traveling in a 5th wheel and that love of exploration continues today. I was looking for an overland vehicle on a budget that could serve as my daily and it needed to come in manual. This led me to the Crosstrek. My goal one day is to drive from Prudhoe Bay (Arctic Ocean) to the tip of South America to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Ryker is named after First Officer William Riker of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek since its a CrossTREK. Ryker now has wheels from F44 Offroad, General Grabbers AT2's, Full Body Armor skid plates from Primitive Racing, ditch light brackets from LP Adventure, Diode Dynamic light pods, Ironman 4x4 Instant Awning, and from Rally Innovations: the Ultimate Light Bar, Rocker Panels, Light Conversion, Baja Designs Amber Wide and Driving Combo on the Ultimate Light Bar. We have future plans to FA20 swap it and upgrade the suspension and lift.

I met my partner, Matt, from our local car club in Tucson and we enjoy our days together going to car events, taking photos of our cars and going on random drives. He has a 2017 WRX named Night Fury and he is doing a Rally Build.