September 2019 - Max S. // "Race Red"

“I am Max Sigwart from Orange County, CA. This is my 2018 Focus RS Limited Edition in Race Red. I have worked in the automotive industry from magazine production as a Graphic Designer, to working for the performance aftermarket for many years. My passion for most everything automotive started when my father taught me how to drive in his original 289 Shelby Cobra that he purchased from Carroll Shelby before I was born. My first vehicle was a 1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2 (Shelby G.T. 350 clone), when I was in High School. One of my early driving experiences was racing late at night on Sunset and Mulholland in Los Angeles, CA. After working for the automotive industry in magazine publishing, my passion was fed by a multitude of different vehicles and racing venues, experiencing many different vehicles and appreciating them for what they were engineered for. After the 65 Mustang, I have owned 1985 Ford Thunderbird “Project HO Thunderbird” from Popular Hot Rodding magazine to purchasing my first new vehicle, a 1992 Mustang 5.0L hatchback (which was a project vehicle for many years), to a 2013 Ford Focus ST (which I competed in some local AutoX events, further feeding my passion for competing) to my current 2018 Focus RS that has overly impressed me with its handling and performance in cornering. The RS has been the best all-around vehicle I have experienced for its versatility as being a daily driver to a track monster on the weekends. I recently graduated from the RS Adrenaline Academy at Utah Motorsports Campus (a.k.a. Miller Motorsports Park) in Tooele, Utah and raised my appreciation for what the RS is really capable of. After learning which companies made the best products for the Focus platform, I wanted to continue to support these champion companies that I found to be the industry leaders and innovative designs to fine tune the handling, performance and aesthetics even further. The companies that I will continue to support are: Rally Innovations, Mountune, aFe Power, California Pony Cars, FSWerks, Rebel Devil Customs, Diode Dynamics, TSW wheels, Titan 7 wheels, Nitto tires, Nexen Tires, DMB decals and TrackSpec Racing. I am always striving to learn new driving techniques and hone my driving skills to make me the best driver that I can be. Special thanks to NMCA West/Nitto and Racing Byrds for providing an outlet to feed my passion for AutoX Racing and to all those that I have met along this journey. The custom Hot Wheel was created by a great friend at HNRS in Orange. Cheers to all!”