September 2023 - Joseph M. // OC Big Bend

Hello, my name is Joseph (@ocbigbend) and this is my 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend. I purchased this vehicle with the intention of road trips and camping, however like everyone else, we all get tempted with modifying their new cars.

When my friends found out I got a Bronco Sport, they took me out to Big Bear, within 1 month of owning the vehicle, to go off-roading for the first time ever. It was nerve-wrecking and I felt completely unprepared, but I loved every aspect of the trip! Since then, for the past 2 years I have been posting my journey with this vehicle on my Instagram to share to others the possibilities and amazing capabilities of this little tank.

I enjoy working with local companies such as Rally Innovations to help grow the community and showcase the best products for the Bronco Sport lineup. Testing these products off the grid allows me to put them to test on gnarly trails here in Southern California and beyond. I am dedicated to offering my advice and knowledge about this vehicle on my social media to help new owners.

Some of my modifications are: a Rally Innovations Skid Plate, Rally Innovations Rally Light Bar, Yucca MFG Roof Rack with Zombie Guards, Baja Designs Squadrons, S2, and S1 as fog lights, JCR Offroad Catalytic Skid Plate, Fifteen52 wheels on Falken Wildpeak AT3W and lastly, a Rough Country 1.5” Strut Lift. Of course, I am still planning on adding more modifications to my rig.